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There are many unpaved roads in Borneo, but something about this one felt wrong. This had less to do with the incessant jolting of our taxi van striking potholes, and more to do with the fact that this road was never a part of the plan. My wife and I, along with nine other travelers […]

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2014 was a wild year. Not only did I take a round the world flight from Hawaii to Africa and back, but I turned back around and flew around the world for a second time in one year. As with my previous post on airplane shots from a flight around the world, here’s a collection of […]

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International travel is a strange thing. On the one hand, an incessant curiosity about the rest of the globe can end up leading you to places you’d previously only dreamt of. On the other hand, constantly keeping both eyes on the horizon can cause you to overlook your own back yard, where adventures, events, and everyday […]

From January-March of 2014 I completed a RTW trip through 13 different countries, beginning an ending the RTW trip on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Over the course of the journey there were 18 flights, 15 of which are documented below in the instances when I had a window seat. I’ve always been the traveler […]

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Sometimes when I travel, places surprise me. It’s hard not to have expectations about a destination, and every now and then, those expectations are utterly blown away by either the beauty, the people, or the experiences you find when you finally get out and explore. In the case of South Africa, a recent road trip […]

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In the cloud forests of southwestern Uganda—past the pulsing streets of the capital of Kampala and the imaginary line of the Equator, and over dirt alleyways which teem with vendors selling bananas and furniture and SIM cards, and across the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park that rustle with the footsteps of elephants, and through […]

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Even though Kampala is the capital of Uganda, it isn’t the site of the international airport. That honor belongs to the city of Entebbe, which at 24 miles from downtown Kampala might as well be a world away. Whereas Kampala pulses with throngs of activity and the traffic jams for which it’s notorious, Entebbe sits […]

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Gadiel was right. Termites, it turns out, do in fact taste exactly like carrots. Up until that moment, I could honestly say that I’d never eaten termites from the trunk of a royal palm. Then again, I’d also never ridden a horse while wearing a climbing harness, or galloped through a field beneath the shell […]

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Cabarete—a small, oceanfront town on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic—is the type of place where it’s dangerously possible to accidentally get stuck. Not in the sand, not in the mud, but in the actual town itself. Why, it seems, would you ever leave a town where you can surf all morning, kitesurf all […]

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The Big Island of Hawaii (technically known as Hawaii Island), is a sprawling land of superlatives and a trivia lover’s dream. Whether it be the highest, the biggest, the longest, or youngest, this remote island in the middle of the Pacific seems to take the cake across a range of categories. If you plan on […]

Uruguay: One of South America’s Best Coastal Road Trips

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Uruguay can be a forgotten country that many travelers pass over. Despite a coastline that runs for 410 miles and an area the size of Washington, too often the country is erroneously passed off as a suburb of Argentina. Sure, both nations officially speak Spanish and have a passionate love for soccer, and both have […]

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8 Tips For What Not To Do In Hawaii

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For as many Hawaii activities are scattered across the islands, knowing what NOT to do in Hawaii is equally as important. Given that we don’t want you to learn the hard way, here are a few things to be avoided in Hawaii. Forget to put on sunscreen Everyone wants to get a tan on their […]

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Become Your Own Italian Chef With A Cooking Class In Siena

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“Eating and drinking well is more than just a pleasure; it is an unbroken link with the traditions of the past. It serves as a reminder of the Italian way of life: Staying healthy, eating home grown food, and taking pleasure in simple things like everyday food and wine” –La Scuola de Cucina de Lella […]

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Vagabond Tales: Full Moon Parties And Surfing A Monsoon

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There are few larger rights of passage on the Southeast Asian backpacker circuit than the full moon party on the island of Koh Phangnan. A tropical version of Ibiza on psychedelics, the pull of this legendary debauch is so strong that nary a backpacker within a 1000-mile radius has the chance of escaping its hedonistic […]

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