3 Reasons to Love Stansted Airport

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Although I was once stuck there for 3 days due to bad weather, here are 3 reasons to love London’s Stansted airport. -KTV-

Loving an airport might be a bit of a stretch, but Stansted is pretty great. All airports are special since they’re always the first stage of our holidays. Everyone remembers the excitement of standing at check-in before a certain holiday, but it isn’t just the holiday to come that makes an airport great – it’s other factors too.

phone1. Stansted is a major UK airport with flights to destinations all over the world at all times of day. This can mean early morning departures and late night arrivals so it’s good to know that there are loads of fantastic hotels near Stansted. If you look on a site like HolidayExtras.co.uk you can find a long list of Stansted airport hotels – there’s something for everyone. A night in one of these can make departure day a lot easier or break up your journey home.

2. It’s fairly well established that the easiest, most comfortable and most convenient way to get to the airport is to drive. You don’t want to be hauling big bags on trains and buses, it’s much easier just to load it all in the car and drive at your own pace. Normally airport parking is really expensive, especially if you just turn up on the day but this isn’t the case at Stansted. You want to leave your car somewhere safe while you’re off tanning and if you book Stansted airport parking you can do so for less. They put every effort into keeping your car safe and you can get really good deals if you book ahead of time.

3. You usually have a fair bit of time between check-in and take-off so it’s always nice to have something to do. Being a pretty new airport Stansted has a great range of shops and restaurants to enjoy and it’s all nice and modern too. There isn’t the vast number of outlets that Heathrow has but there are plenty and they’re excellent. If there were more you’d always feel that you might be missing something, so I think Stansted has got it just right. It’s a great place to wander through a few of your favourite shops, try a new cologne or buy a tasty Toblerone while you wait. Although you may not fall in love with Stansted and it is unlikely to be the very best part of your trip, these facilities make flying out an absolute pleasure, so make the most of them next time you jet off.

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