5 Recent Inventions That Have Made Travel Safer

The events of the last decade have forced us as a society to change the definition of “travel safety” to mean “keeping terrorists off airplanes.” To some extent this lulls us into a false sense of security about other aspects of travel. What are those aspects? They vary, but most have to do with our individual safety while traveling. That includes anything from your health to your well-being to your physical safety from others.

Luckily, there are a lot of smart people in this world who have used technology to come up with some pretty amazing travel tools and gear to help us be as safe as possible when we travel.

UV water purification bottles from CamelBak

This little invention allows you to take any water source – from a spigot to a stream – and within one minute, have purified water that you can drink worry-free. It’s called the CamelBak All Clear™, and it’s helped many travelers stay hydrated and healthy whether they’re filling it from a hotel bathroom tap or a river while on a hike.

The bottle has a UV purifier cap with an LCD screen. You remove the cap, fill it with water, replace the cap and start the timer. The screen counts down from 60, and all you have to do is gently shake the bottle to circulate the water. When it’s done, it lets you know and then you can just remove the cap and have fresh, purified water.

Remote smart phone access

These days, it seems like our entire lives are stored on our cell phones. Whether it’s our browsing history, financial apps or even our photo albums, there are plenty of things you wouldn’t want a thief to access on your phone if you’re the victim of a robbery.

Luckily, smart phone technology takes advantage of its built-in GPS system to let you know where your phone is, so you can help the cops track it down using remote access. And with remote access, you can also lock your phone, contact the person who has it, or even wipe its contents completely.

iPhone customers can activate this feature when they sign up for Apple’s iCloud software; for other phones, check with the manufacturer or your phone service provider for their security options.

Capzule PHR & RxmindMe

These two health-related apps ensure that travel is safer for everyone.

The first, Capzule PHR allows you to enter the medical history of everyone in your family, and the information is stored on its secure website as well as on its app on your iPhone or iPad. The information you can include is practically endless, from insurance information to lab results to doctor contact numbers. While it’s always the hope that you would never need this information while traveling, having it at your fingertips can literally mean the difference between life and death.

The second, RxmindMe, is a free app that keeps track of the medications you take, and sets up an alarm for your next dosage. Of course, an app like this can be used at home, too; but at home, we’re usually into our daily routines and don’t need reminding. But while traveling, there are several factors to take into account – from time zone changes to different mealtimes to varying schedules – which can throw off your inner clock and make you forget to take crucial medication.


Now, you may not think of a flashlight as a recent invention. But there have been advances to flashlights which have some pretty hi-tech twists that can come in awfully handy for safer travel.

For example, this flashlight is charged by hand-cranking, so no need to carry extra batteries. And it has a cell phone charger included, so you’re never stuck without a way to call for help. And while a radio may seem like a silly, superfluous feature, imagine needing to hear weather or news reports in an emergency.

Finally, there is the flashlight. From power outages to unfamiliar hotel rooms to the woods at night to reading a map in the dark, you’d be surprised how handy a flashlight can be for your personal safety when traveling.

Cell phone signal booster

Cell phones may be more ubiquitous than waistband packs on tourists, but that doesn’t mean they always work when you need them to. And if you’re in trouble in a place where cell phone service is weak or non-existent, then your trouble has just doubled.

But cell phone signal boosters, which can amplify a signal up to six times its distance, can mean safer, worry-free travel. They plug into a car or RV lighter, which is perfect for road trips and camping fans. And they work with every brand and make of cell phone, so anybody’s phone can be used.

The above is a guest blog from David Wright from Travel Insurance Cover. Visit their website for more information and a quote for travel insurance for your next trip.

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