8 Tips For What Not To Do In Hawaii

What not to do in Hawaii

For as many Hawaii activities are scattered across the islands, knowing what NOT to do in Hawaii is equally as important. Given that we don’t want you to learn the hard way, here are a few things to be avoided in Hawaii.

Forget to put on sunscreen

Everyone wants to get a tan on their vacation, but foregoing the sunscreen in hopes of a golden brown is a surefire way to end up lobster-colored and blistering. Ease your skin into the all-day sunshine, and remember to get the out-of-the-way areas such as your ears, hands, and tops of your feet. If possible, avoid the aerosol sunscreen varieties in lieu of reef safe products


Everything in Hawaii eventually ends up in the ocean, and throwing cigarette butts and garbage on the ground will earn the scorn of locals. The word “mahalo” is written on many trash cans, and rather than meaning “trash”, it instead means “thank you”, which is a simple gesture from the local people to help protect the islands.

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