A Quick Tip on Budget Travel

Do you have your heart set on a summer holiday this year, but are worried about your finances? Thanks to today’s diverse and ever-growing holiday industry, you’re never too far from a bargain – and there’s always something to tick all the right boxes.

Let’s say Majorca tickles your fancy. You don’t have to plump for the clubbing hotspot of Magaluf or stick with bustling Palma Nova if you’d rather have something a little quieter. Although some resorts may be more expensive than others, you can find discounted or cheap holidays to Majorca all over the island. In many cases you can snap up a bargain by booking a scheduled flight to Palma well in advance, and by booking your accommodation directly with the hotel or apartment owner. This often gives you the best prices as it means you cut out the middleman – but in some cases, the middleman is the very one that’s dishing out the discounts.


Take holidays with Thomas Cook for instance. This well-established tour operator has been providing package holidays for decades, and they’re widely known for their excellent value for money and high quality holidays. As an agent, tour operators like Thomas Cook will usually buy up hotel rooms and flight seats in bulk, and then team them with coach transfers to create the package style of holiday we know and love. But when it looks like a certain resort or package holiday isn’t selling well enough, tour operators will often cut the prices or offer great incentives like low deposits to push things along a bit.

This is a great way to bag a bargain and means that you’re getting the same holiday as everyone else – but at a fraction of the price. You can then spend the savings on the things you love best – like day trips, meals out, ice cream, cocktails…

This is just one tip for saving money while you travel. What are some of your favorites?

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