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Kyle The Vagabond is a travel site which is meant to inspire independent travelers and provide a window into fascinating corners of the world. Since the first publication in 2009, Kyle has conversed with hundreds of readers and fellow travelers looking for advice and inspiration on their own sets of global wanderings. As far as content, Kyle the Vagabond focuses on outdoor, independent, and adventurous travel to some of the most heralded as well as unknown spots around the globe. Throw in a music festival here or a wine tasting outing there, and Kyle tries to keep readers guessing as to where his wanderings will take him next.

All interested advertisers and PR industry professionals should understand that the views expressed in Kyle the Vagabond are solely that of the author and that partnerships do not guarantee a result of positive coverage.

Audience Profile and Demographics

The readers of Kyle the Vagabond are predominately 18-34 year-old, college-educated, independent travelers from English speaking destinations. 70% of the traffic for Kyle the Vagabond comes from the United States, though visitors from over 100 countries have stopped in to say hello.

Traffic Statistics

(as of 01/18/16)
  • Monthly Unique Visitors:  1,400
  • Monthly Page Views: 2,100
  • Google Page Rank: 3

 Social Media Statistics

Press Trips and Campaigns

Occasionally I participate in media campaigns and am available for promotional partnerships. When on assignment Kyle is able to provide featured posts on Kyle the Vagabond as well as exposure over his ever-expanding social network. In addition to writing for Kyle the Vagabond, Kyle also is a professional freelance travel writer who has published over 300 feature length articles for publications such as Viator, Matador, Maui No Ka Oi, Boots N All, and AAA Journey.

Recent articles resulting from press trips include:

Belgian Beer and Cold War Spies at Two Classic Milwaukee Bars

Getting drunk with my Nepalese porters (Matador)

Essential packing list for trekking the Annapurna Sanctuary (Matador)


Kyle will also participate in reviews of anything from gear to classes to accommodation and lodging.


Kyle is open to sponsorships with companies who focus on adventurous, outdoor, independent travel. Partnerships can include anything from social media coverage and sponsored posts to long-term relationships and brand ambassadorships. Kyle prefers to work with companies who similarly share a passion for travel and have a hand in making this world a better place.


Kyle the Vagabond offers a full range of advertising possibilities from banners to text links to social media coverage. All interested advertisers can contact Kyle directly by filling out the form below:



Thank you for your interest in the site, and never stop traveling…

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