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Rising from the ashes of its horrific recent history, Cambodia is an incredibly diverse  nation working its absolute hardest to get back on the Bamboo Island off of Sihanoukville Cambodiamap, so to speak. With all of the natural treasures it holds within its borders, Cambodia should be a destination in itself, as opposed to a brief stopover on the Southeast Asian circuit.  1000 year old temples from the ancient Angkor Kingdom spring out of the dense northeastern jungles, and mountainous rainforests and waterfalls dominate the rugged northeastern corridor. Pnomh Penh is a modern metropolitan capital with French cafes along the Mekong River, dramatic Khmer palaces, and gut-wrenching historical sites displaying the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime. If beaches are your thing, simply lounge the day away on the white sand beaches and offshore islands  of Sihanoukville and Kep. With everything from rainforests to beaches to temples and cities, Cambodia is a country on a mission to be re-discovered.


Riel and US dollar. Large bills are given in dollars while small change is conducted in Riel; Exchange Rate: $1 = 4, 190 Riel (August 5, 2010). For more currency conversion info visit

When To Go:

Then “nicest” time to be in Cambodia is during December andmap_cambodia January, when temperatures aren’t scorching and the rains aren’t pouring. From February through October the mercury tops out near 40C, and the rains start falling around May-October. This keeps crowds down and the jungles green, but offroad travel or getting to more remote regions of the kingdom can become a headache of epic proportions.

Travel Tip:

Thai baht is accepted in Koh Krong and other Thai border towns, no matter what the taxi drivers or anyone tells you. It’s a scam.

The Vagabond’s Top Picks:

1. Get some sun in Sihanoukville

Cambodia’s answer to the Thai islands, Sihanoukville is a growing beach resort zone with white sand beaches, lawn chairs for sunning, offshore islands, and absurdly cheap beer. When the town cleans itself up with improved infrastructure it will be a regional classic.

2. Get the grisly history of Phnom Penh

Cambodia’s once evacuated capital city is an intriguing study in contrasts, with fresh looks at both rich and poor, past and future. Stroll through festering refugee camps en route to sparkling European cafes set on the river, and study the war-torn history of the city and nation in the shadow of the uber-luxurious National Palace.

3. Visit the Killing Fields of Choeng Ek, Pnomh Phen

Stand in fields of uncovered mass graves and get a grisly sense of the true atrocities of the Khmer Rouge

4. Take a boat to Bamboo Island

Sihanoukville’s most accessible island, rustic bungalows and empty beaches on the island’s west side are about as “far away from it all” as you can get in this growing region. Limited facilities, but very relaxing.

5. Explore 1000 year old temples in Angkor Wat

This Wonder of the World is all it’s cracked up to be. Ancient Buddha’s smile from their timeless position in stone, and the sunrise over Angkor Wat is one of life’s more surreal experiences.

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