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Central America’s northernmost member, Guatemala has everything that any traveler would want in a Latin American experience–and at the right price. Cheaper than more popular

Lunch above Lake Atitlan, San Pedro de la Laguna

Costa Rica, there are endless adventure opportunities offered amongst volcanoes, rainforest, and ruins. Vibrant markets and old world colonial charm all come together to bring a sense of life to this enthralling little nation. Like most Central American nations, the capital city serves as a hub for transportation and little more, though once outside the chaos of the city it is nearly impossible to keep from letting the relaxation of the surroundings take over.


Quetzal; Exchange Rate $1 = 8.01 Quetzales (August 6, 2010) For currency conversion  info visit

When to Go:

With two seasons like most the rest of Central America, Guatemala can be either rainy, or hot–or both. The “wet” season runs from May to October and brings with it rainty nights and humid, buggy days. Winter months from December-February can be chilly in the highlands in the evening with drier, more comfortable days in the lowlands and coasts.¬† March and April, though, dry, can bring oppressive heat to lower lying areas and comfortable days in the highlands. Peak tourist season runs Christmas to Easter, with another spike in the wetter summer months with the onset of foreign immersion students looking to enroll in courses for the summer. Even in the rainy season, days can be warm and dry with heavier showers falling overnight.map_guatemala

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks

1. Climb Volcan Pacaya

Ascend up wind-riddled slopes with breathtaking views of the central valley, with slow lava flows inching down the mountain right beside you.

2. Navigate the local markets of Lake Atitlan

Ride the pangas between quaint lakeside villages and the more bustling marketplace of Panajachel in this elevated watery oasis.

3. Immerse yourself in Antigua

Home to cobble stone grid lined streets,this old colonial town now specializes in languge immersion programs and is a nightlife and traveler hub.

Posts on Guatemala by Kyle the Vagabond

Antigua and Volcan Pacaya (2009)

Lake Atitlan (2009)

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