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While being the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere (behind Haiti), Nicaraguans hold on proudly to their culture and pack high hopes for the future. And with a country of

Little Corn Island

such natural beauty and expansive wonder, why wouldn’t they? Towering volcanoes dominate the landscape, looking out over classic Colonial cities and quaint beach towns bathed in uncrowded surf. Home to more islands than you’d expect, Central America’s least densely populated nation is practically begging for spirited exploration, both on the mainland as well offshore. More relaxed and less touristy than its southern, more developed neighbor, Nicaragua is everything you come to expect and love in a Latin American destination.


Cordoba; Exchange Rate: $1 = 21.45 Cordoba (August 6, 2010). For currency conversion info visit

When to Go:

Like its Costa Rican neighbor, the Pacific coast experiences the wet season from May to November, with September and October bringing the heaviest rainfall. High tourist season and dry season coincide along the Pacific from December to March, with the majority of outdoor activity falling during this time. On the Caribbean coastline, the weather is immensely variable though the prevailing forecast is hot and wet. In the highland areas, temperatures can dip into the chilly area with lows around 52 degrees F and misty, cloud enshrouded mornings.map_nicaragua

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks

1. Bike around Isla de Ometepe

Get outside the main city of Moyagalpa and discover what lies at the end of the road in the rural outposts of this serene volcanic island.

2. Dive Little Corn Island

No cars, no roads, no problem. Walk the gentle footpaths and explore the surrounding reefs of this tucked away Caribbean paradise.

3. Take a drive around Managua

Gain some perspective on the good things you have going in your own life by seeing up close the hard living conditions in this rough and tumble capital city.

Posts on Nicaragua by Kyle the Vagabond

A Stop in the Corn Islands (2007)

Isla de Ometepe (2007)

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