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Literally a simple isthmus separating the Gulf of Mexico from the expansive blue Pacific, Panama itself is anything from simple. Featuring everything from traditional local villages to Central

Local drummer, Bocas del Toro

America’s most cosmopolitan capital, the narrow nation offers something for seemingly everyone. Home to a growing number of Western expats, the ease of Western currency (the dollar) and prominence of English speaking residents probably make Panama the “easiest” Central American country to visit. While certain areas such as the Darien still pose formidable threats to the casual traveler, the majority of the country is ripe for tourism and contains no shortage of activities to keep a traveler returning again and again.


US Dollar, Balboa; Bills are determined in dollars while change, equivalent the US dollar, is given in Balboas.

When to Go:

Holding true to its Central American location, May through November on the Pacific side ushers in the rainy season, while the Caribbean side can get rain nearly year round, depending on the regional weather. Peak tourist season on the Pacific runs December through March, and this is the best time of year for extended outdoor activity and time spent on the areas beaches. Surf wise, the Pacific is fairly consistent year round, while the Caribbean coast can be more fickle depending on regional storms. As expected, the highlands get real chilly, so be sure to bring a jacket and something warm.map_panama_325

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks

1. Explore the watersports of Bocas del Toro

Scuba, sail, surf, snorkel, or just boat around this offshore archipelago where leisure meets adventure.

2. Party at Isla Colon’s Mondo Taitu

Their theme parties are renown throughout Central America, and it is a fantastic place to let loose for an evening or 4

3. Raft the swamps of Changuinola

Get up close views of traditional coastal villages from a speedboat in this banana-crazy town on the marshes.

Posts on Panama by Kyle the Vagabond:

Adventures in Bocas del Toro (2007)

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