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The heart of the Ancient World, Greece offers something for pretty much everyone. You can spend days exploring the countless ruins and monuments of the

The Acropolis in Athens Greece

Acropolis, Delphi, and Meteora, placing yourself in a world two thousands years ago.  Take in the fast pace of modern day Athens and shop the boutiques and markets of Syndgama square. Or you can simply head to any of one the islands and soak up the watersports and party with young backpackers until your ouzo-soaked liver explodes. All with a fresh handful of green olives, a whitewashed building backdrop, and a decidedly Mediterranean romance  in the air.


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When to Go:

As with any country, it depends on where you are going. The islands basically operate from April-October, with many places virtually shutting down for the winter months. Mid June-through August are the peak months in the islands, with crowds and parties galore. July and August can be very windy in the Aegean islands, while the Ionian islands are spared the summer winds, though the winter rains find the Ionian coast more frequently.

Athens has a typically Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. Snow is possible, but rare. As is to be expected, the Greecesummer crowds are huge.  Inland regions such as Mt. Olympus, Meteora, etc. are hot and humid in summer months and can be bitterly cold in the winter.  All of Greece takes on somewhat of a wet winter season, though blue sky and sunshine are possible all year round.

Things I’ve Done In Greece Which Rule:

1. Acropolis, Athens

Brush up on your ancient history amidst the ruins of the Parthenon, while overlooking the urban sprawl of modern Athens

2.  Cruise the island of Corfu and the Pink Palace

The hub of the Ionian Islands, cruise the olive tree soaked hills to tucked away beach hamlets set by the sea. Oh, and you can party your face off at the Palace as well

3. Spend time in Amvrakia, or any mountain village

Far removed from the fast pace of Athens or the booze soaked beaches and islands, old Greece is still found up in the mountains, where footpaths and festivals are the name of the game.

4. Have a shot of ouzo

The staple Greek liquor, the licorice flavor is an acquired taste, but will leave any night a little stranger than it started out.

5. Peruse the booths of the Athens flea market

An enormous outdoor market in the heart of happening Athens, the flea market has everything you would expect from an Eastern European outdoor market: live music, street performers, endless booths, and quirky characters

Anyone traveling on the European continent can easily take cheap holidays to Greece. If coming from Italy, consider taking the ferry from either Brindisi, Bari, or Ancona for a dramatic ride across the Adriatic Sea.

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