Debauchery in Corfu

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Summer 2005

I don’t even know how to chronicle my time spent on the Ionian island of Corfu. Really the best description of the entire three months that I spent bartending there is simply a complete and total mess. Working as a cook and cocktail bartender during the day, and sporadically filling the DJ role at Party at the Pink Palace in Corfu Greecenight at the infamous Pink Palace, things went down that should never be repeated or ever put in print. I even almost got deported. Those wanting a more in depth look at the utterly debaucherous lifestyle that is the life of a Pink Palace staff member should order a copy of Keith Parker’s book, “Summer as a Busboy”. You may need to grab a drink for some of the reading.

That being said, the island of Corfu itself is unbelievably stunning. With the most common point of entry being a ferry over from the port of Corfu City Kerkyra GreeceIgoumenitsa on the Greek mainland, arrivals are thrust right into the heart of the island’s largest city, that being charming old Corfu town. Outside of Corfu town however, is where the island of Kerkira shows its true beauty. Gently rolling roads meander their way through endless fields of olives, as sporadic vistas gaze out over a deep cobalt sea. No stranger to resort development, Corfu has everything from expensive luxury resort districts to simple seaside villages with hostels and guesthouses.

Set on the west side of the island, sandwiched right between the towns of Sinarades and Agios Gordis lies The Pink Palace, a sanctuary of legendary Pink Palace Beach Agios Gordis Corfu Greecenighttime fodder on the European hostel circuit. Swelling to a population of over 500 travelers in the peak summer months of late July and August, the Palace is a hectic place to spend a part of the summer. Toga parties are not to be missed on Wednesday and Saturday nights, and the Palladium nightclub operates 7 nights a week for those looking to go on a bender. Aside from the endless ouzo and bad-decisions, however, the Palace also provides a quad safari of the island that passes tremendous vistas, crumbling monasteries, and through dense olive groves that stretch on for miles on end. It is a fantastic way to see the island’s countryside and escape the Palace bubble.

In the way of watersports, kayak rentals are available as well as the infamous booze cruise. If enough wind is generated offshore, kayak surfing is possible and goes best after a few beers. Heading into the town of Agios Gordis, the town offers simple fruit markets during the daytime hours, and various bars and restaurants for those looking to branch out on the nightlife Sunset Kayak Corfu Greecefor a little bit. Lithos pizza in the center of town is a good bet, and it’s always just a short walk down the beach if you want to kick start things and get weird…

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