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For such a small country, Slovenia easily provides the best of Europe all crammed in to one country. The Julian Alps offer first-rate skiing in the winter, and are allegedly the birthplace of


the sport. Mediterranean beaches and fishing villages line the Adriatic coast, alpine valleys have unbeatable outdoor activities, and the large cities such as Ljubljana dish up artsy architecture, fantastic dining, and a strong semblance of European city life. Tucked away in its own little corner of Europe, Slovenia is more than happy to be discovered.


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When To Go:

A topographical wonderland, Slovenia’s climate is often dictated by altitude and the proximity to the Adriatic Sea. As a country overall, the most rain falls from May-June and October. The mountainous northwest region receives more rain than the coastal areas or inland, and the Julian Alps are the winter sports capital during these months, though the temperature can get quite cold and bleak. Coastal areas enjoy a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and comfortable summers, while inland heats up heavily in the summer and can be bitterly cold in winter. Crowds are at their peak in July and August, and September is a very good month to visit as the crowds have thinned, the prices have mapdropped, and the rains haven’t started yet.

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks:

1. Bike the shores of  Lake Bled

This fairy-tale mountain town is one of Slovenia’s most popular getaways, and features the country’s only island set in the middle of the lake.

2. Swim under Sum waterfall, Vintgar Gorge

Located just outside of Lake Bled, this deep gorge contains a raging  turquoise river that leads to the magnificent Sum waterfall.

3. Cruise the cafes and canals of Ljubljana

The Amsterdam of the Balkans, Ljubljana is a culturally vibrant capital with a central canal network and more cafes than you can throw a coffee bean at.

4. Tower over the city from Ljubljana Castle

Set on a hilltop overlooking the city, all the red rooves of the capital and the distant Julian Alps can be seen from this historic perch.

Posts on Slovenia by Kyle the Vagabond:

Ljubljana (2005)

Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge (2005)

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