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While expensive, England is quintessentially European. A history as fabled as the continent itself, to this day England retains a certain charm that is stereotypical, expected, and totally welcome. Much more than double-decker busses and red phone booths, England still possesses those quirks that are decidedly British. With everything from historic countrysides to an always evolving urban music scene, England thrives amongst its cultural isolation in the middle of the North Atlantic sea.

Portobello Market London England

Bustling Portobello Market, Notting Hill


British Pound; Exchange Rate: 1 GBP = $1.62 (March 5,  2011). For currency conversion info visit xe.com

When to Go:

If you’re in England in winter, expect it to be gray. And wet. And cold. Don’t despair, however, as an English winter really isn’t all that bad, and London is charming and exciting in any sort of weather. From April to October the mercury rises, and occasional dry spells can be found in the middle of the summer, never far from the threat of a random shower of course. University towns are quite busy not only during the school year but during the summer holidays as well, and if you’re thinking of jumping in the ocean at all, well, bring a wetsuit.

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks:

1. Catch a show in London

Check out half-price tickets in Leicester Square the day of the show and take in professional theatre at half the cost

2. People watch in Trafalgar Square, London

Just trust me, it’s beyond entertaining

3. Spend a sunny day in Hyde Park, London

Trying to catch a sunny one is tough, but when you do there is no nicer place to be in all of London. Toss a ball around on the yard, or head down to Speaker’s Corner to have a listen to what’s being preached on the street that day.

4. Shop in Portobello Market, Notting Hill

One of the world’s largest street markets, this two mile section of Portabello Rd. is packed with stalls of everything from food vendors to antique shops. Saturday afternoons can be packed, but exciting.

5. Sit atop Cabot Tower, Bristol

Dedicated to the famed British explorer, the tower provides a solid view over the University town

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