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Coming out of a long history of violence and strife, the bitter division of Northern Ireland from the rest of the country is still fresh in the atmosphere of this tiny sliver of the UK set atop the

Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland

Emerald Isle. This is not to say that it isn’t well worth the visit, however. Belfast is a vibrant, modern city with a charming downtown and is steeped with history, while the countryside is  lush and full of simple townships that draw the casual visitor into their simple ways. Oh, the natural wonders and coastline are pretty stunning as well.


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When to Go:

Let’s just say you  don’t come to Northern Ireland for the weather. Like the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland can be very wet and gray, with little sunshine and lots of moisture in the air. Winters are mild, and summer isn’t exactly hot, but there is a definite lack of extreme temperatures, which makes for a year round cool and damp environment. But man does it get green.northern_irelandw560h456

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks:

1. Belfast Peace Walls

Take a stroll across the west end of town to really get a feel for some of the raw emotions concerning the bitter division of Loyalists and Nationalists in this conflict ravaged city.

2. Giant’s Causeway

Fields and stacks of hexagonal stones make for a curious landscape backed up against the crashing surf. Stand at the base of “The Organ” for a real geological display.

3. Take a stroll through Bushmills

The home of Irish whiskey, this quaint country town embodies the simplicity of Northern life set amongst vast emerald fields.

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