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One of the heaviest fortified areas in the world and possessing  a

Barbary Apes Atop the Rock of Gibraltar

Barbary Apes Atop the Rock of Gibraltar

distinguished military history, Gibraltar in the modern day is a quirky outpost of British life set at the base of a decidedly Spanish peninsula. Oh, and the wild apes spice things up a bit too. Abandoned fortifications line the rock that looms over the British-controlled town, where pigeons roam the main square outside the pubs and meat pie eateries.  After walking across theb border from the Spanish town of La Linea, take in a sunset from atop the Rock with the Atlas Mountains of Morocco looming in the distance over the gateway to the Atlantic, and you know you are somewhere special


Gibraltar Pound, GIP; Exchange Rate: 1 GIP = $1.61 (March, 9, 2011) For currency conversion info visit

When to Go:

If you love rain, then winter is a fantastic time to be in A map of GibraltarGibraltar. Like its mother-country, Gibraltar in the winter can be quite moist. Temperatures in the wintertime average around 13 degrees C, and snow or frost is rare. The summer months bring drought-like conditions with minimal rain and warm days. Local weather is usually dictated by the “Levanter”, the large cloud that sometimes hangs over the summit of the rock and can cast a cold cover over the peninsula.

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks

1. Go underground in St. Michael’s Cave

Situated over 1,000 ft. above sea level atop the famed Rock, this enormous cave houses gargantuan stalagmites and stalactites that give an eerie vibe to this underground amphitheater that is now used as a unique concert hall.

2. Hang with the apes

Potentially Gibraltar’s most unique attraction, the Barbary Apes reside atop the Rock and are the only wild primates in Europe.

3. Stand on Europa Point

The southernmost point of Europe, it sits only 16 miles from the African coast.

4. Devour some fish and chips in town

Situated walking distance from Spain, immediately being able to acquire some genuine English grub in a London-esque setting is a quirky way to spend a meal.

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