Vatican City

Traditional Swiss Guards,Vatican City

Traditional Swiss Guards,Vatican

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The lone surviving remnant of the former Papal States, the Vatican City is not only the world’s smallest country, but the official seat of Catholocism’s highest officials, including the Pope himself. While easily viewable in a day, don’t let the small size fool you, as this tiny, unique nation has a lot to see crammed into a tiny little area.


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When to Go:

Sharing the same climate as Rome, the Vatican experiences a Mediterranean climate of mild winters and warm summers.Temperatures are the most comfortable from April to June and September-October. The heat in August can climb unbearably high, and while winter is mild, subfreezing temperatures do occur. For those wanting to attend a mass, mass is held at St. Peter’s Basilica every Sunday all day long.

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks:

1. The Vatican Museumvt-map

The world’s largest museum with over 1200 rooms, the crowning jewel of which is the Sistine Chapel. Arrive early and take your time.

2.  Stand in St. Peter’s Square

Massive central square that serves as the entrance into the walled country, the square is home to some of the largest masses in the world and its history and power can be felt just standing in its gaping expanse.

3. Check out the Swiss guard

Commissioned as the official “military” of the Vatican, the guards sport traditional Swiss guard attire and are a quirky aside in an otherwise uniform surrounding

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