Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

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Ah, the “Land Down Under”. Those paying their first visit to the country will quickly notice that it is a land with far more to offer than simply crocodiles, kangaroos, and rugged men with floppy hats. It is a continent of incredibly diverse natural splendor, offering the visitor everything from wildlife-riddled rainforest to tranquil white sand coves; endless stretches of desert fields to jam-packed urban adventure. While such a large region could easily take a lifetime to properly explore, Australia’s visitors will start appreciating the journey from day number one.


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When to Go:

Roughly the size of the continental United States, the weather in Australia reacts sharply with latitude, as would any nation its size. Situated on the “other” side of the equator, the seasons run backwards to those of North America and Europe, with summer being winter and winter being summer. The months of June-August signal winter for most of Australia, although this is the northern region’s time to shine. Bogged down by monsoon rains during the “Wet” from October to March, during April to September the North of Australia basks in tropical sun while southern states bundle up for winter.

Likewise, while the north endures torrential downpoursmap_australia during the summer months of October-March, the rest of the country enjoys ideal weather along the coasts, and heat well-beyond comfort in the interior regions.

The Vagabond’s Personal Top Picks

1. Dive the Whitsunday Islands

Spend a day or an overnight charter sailing and diving this collection of islands at the southern end of the World’s largest barrier reef.

2. Hike the Blue Mountains

Tackle the mist shrouded hills outside of Sydney and delve deep into the wilderness on such trails as the Federal Pass.

3. Meander the Great Ocean Road

Hug the southwest coastline of Victoria past stunning cliff formations and legendary surf beaches

4. Soak up city life in Sydney

Home to a teeming multi-ethnic population, absorb the tastes and energy of this cosmopolitan city on the water.

5. Get lost in the Glass House Mountains

Nestled in the hinterland behind the famed Australia Zoo, tuck away in the silence on one of the region’s many hills and trails.

6. Coogee-Bondi walk

Connect two idyllic Australia beach towns by foot on this panoramic jaunt along the cliffside of Sydney’s beaches.

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