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Lauded as an exotic destination since the days of the first Conquistadors, this mountainous nation on the equator continues to provide visitors with adventure at every turn. Thrill seekers can scale the snowy Andes Mountains and stand atop the Earth’s closest point to the sun atop Mt. Chimborazo, or delve deep in towards the mouth of the Amazon at a remote and trendy eco-lodge. Surfers and sunbathers can bake to their hearts content on La Ruta del Sol, while history buffs can  stroll the Colonial centers of Quito and Cuenca from beneath the shadows of a towering cathedral. Whatever your fancy, it ‘s happening right now in Ecuador.


Ecuador currently uses the US dollar as their currency. For more currency information check out

When to Go:

Even though it is situated on the Equator, Ecuador is heavily regulated by altitude and the so called “wet” and “dry” seasons. Don’t let the names fool you, however. Most of the “wet” season (usually January through June for most areas on the coast, actually also means the “sunny” season. It will be sunny in the morning and then the rain will fall in the afternoon or at night. During the “dry” season on the coast (July-December), this essentially means it is the cloudy season, as a maritime layer of Ecuadorclouds likes to linger over the coastline. Plan accordingly.

An incredibly mountainous nation, the climate is obviously different at 9200 ft. in Quito than it is down at sea level in Guayaquil, or perhaps deep into the Amazonian jungle. Quito maintains a steady temperature throughout the year of warm days and cool nights, and the lowlying inland areas can get incredibly hot and sticky, save for the marine layer on the coast of course.

Travel Tip:

Remember that most prices don’t include the 12% tax, be mindful of the siesta hours of operation, and keep your valuables hidden and wits about you at all times.

The Vagabond’s Personal Favorites:

1. A night time stroll along the Malecon and Las Penas Stairs, Guayaquil

Recently renovated and heavily monitored by local security and police, the entire Malecon 2000 is Guayaquil’s most outstanding attraction for tourists.

2. Montanita

Get your surf and drink on in this hippied out capital of La Ruta del Sol

3. Pululahua Crater, Quito

Peer into a dormant crater where families have farmed for generations beneath the rolling mists.

4. Lunch in the Mariscal Sucre, Quito

The pulsing modern hub of Quito’s dining scene, enjoy a cafe con leche and people watch from a bustling urban street corner

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Ayngelina February 25, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Interesting that you recommend Guayaquil. I spent 3 months in Ecuador but didn´t venture to the city at all. Also along the tourist beat I´d recommend Banos.

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