For as many photos and inspiring stories are displayed on this site, the sobering reality is that this world has much that can be improved upon. If you have ever visited any of these countries, or even have the luxury of reading this on a computer, chances are that you’re in a select minority of individuals lucky enough to cambodia 484have the privilege of travel and exploration.

While attempting to change the world can seem like a daunting task, if we can even make a difference in changing the life of a single person then I feel we have succeeded. In attempting to make an effort to better the world one person at a time, we here at Kyle the Vagabond believe that the most effective, long-term solution for helping to grow a nation is through the education and support of its own people–growing a nation from within.

Therefore, aside from covering the costs of keeping this site running, proceeds from donations and advertising revenue from this site go towards paying university fees and establishing scholarships for children in developing nations, beginning with Cambodia. Many of these children are smart enough to earn a college degree, but will never get the chance to do so due to lack of cambodia 488funding. The current tuition for a full-curriculum at a university in Cambodia is around $400/year.

Since its inception inĀ  2009, Kyle the Vagabond has raised $1095 for university fees, and has enrolled 1 child in university, with future enrollments pending.

Furthermore, all donors will receive a postcard from where I am at the time of donation! scholarship recipients:


Moninarom Ouk–Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2 years of enrollment at Build Bright University.


Many thanks to all of our many donors, and may the love of travel and adventure continue to help educate those who have not yet had the chance to explore.

-Kyle the Vagabond-


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