Great Weekend Getaways

Do you live in England and need to get away for a while? Our guest blogger provides us with some sponsored content that highlights some domestic and international getaways that can whet your travel whistle if you only have a couple of days to spare.

Busy lifestyles can often mean that holidays are put on the back-burner, with that elusive cruise or island retreat looking ever more distant. But sometimes all that’s needed to recharge the batteries is a change of scenery for a few days, which is why a weekend getaway can be the perfect solution. Here are some great suggestions for a weekend mini-break:

lyme regis

Lyme Regis

Those looking for a peaceful few days could find many spots to enjoy in Dorset, but Lyme Regis is particularly deserving of a mention when it comes to relaxing. A feeling of mystique and romance permeates this quiet coastal resort and, although it’s small, it hosts a trove of cultural and historical points of interest, including the Cobb and Harbor, the beautiful St Michael’s Church, and the famous Leper’s Well.




Brighton became a popular holiday getaway in the mid-19th century when the newly-established railway connection started delivering visitors from London. Its popularity has hardly waned since, with hordes of tourists arriving every weekend, particularly in the summer months when they head down to the city’s pebbly coast to enjoy the sun. It can be a busy destination but, if you’re comfortable with the crowds, you’ll find no end of things to do. From relaxing by the sea-side to shopping in the city, there are plenty of activities on offer here.




A weekend break needn’t limit you solely to the destinations on your doorstep. Amsterdam is only an hour’s flight away from UK airports, although it’s reachable via sea and land too, with ferry companies and Eurostar operating regular services. Amsterdam is a joy to explore, whether you’re on foot or on a bicycle. For those interested in culture, art pervades every corner of the city and there are many galleries and museums to discover, including one named after one of Holland’s most famous artists, Vincent van Gogh. Why not enjoy a coffee or a local beer alongside the canal, or duck in and out of the quirky shops lining the city’s streets?

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[Photo credits: Lyme Regis photo by sheilaellen on Flickr; Brighton photo via Karen Roe on Flickr]

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