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One Degree Forward was founded by the father-son team of Tim and Kyle kyledadEllison in the Spring of 2011. Having witnessed firsthand the dire need for education in many of the world’s developing nations, the two decided to create a non-profit that would aim to educate and support the next generation of children in the developing third world. For further information on the One Degree Forward team, check out the Team Members Page.
While there are already a multitude of government agencies, non-profits, and  NGO’s that operate in many of the world’s poorest nations, the aim of One Degree Forward is to plant the seed of education within a nation in the hope that scholarship recipients may one day serve to help grow their country from within. By educating the next generation of children within a nation it is our hope that the rewards will be exponentially compounded, thereby laying a foundation for continued prosperity and growth
kids globe.
Summing up these goals, our mission statement is that we hope to:
“-Provide funding for better education at the University level in underdeveloped countries to children in need.
-Help collect money to provide food, shelter, clothes, and schooling to children in need in underdeveloped countries.
-Provide funding for English to be taught in underdeveloped countries”

Where We Operate:

One Degree Forward is a US based organization operated from the state of Hawaii.  Though One Degree Forward hopes to expand its sphere of influence to multiple developing nations, we have chosen to begin this endeavor in the war-ravaged nation of Cambodia.
When the Khmer Rouge seized power of Cambodia in 1975, under the killing fields paintingleadership of Pol Pot nearly every educated individual in the nation was brutally exterminated in the regime’s hopes of creating a completely agrarian society. Teachers, doctors, businessmen, those with command of foreign languages, and even those whose hands lacked the callouses derived from hard labor were maimed, tortured, and killed by the hundreds of thousands. Ruthless in their conquest, the Khmer Rouge soldiers did not discriminate between men, women, and children when it came to exterminating their own people. Towards the end of the regime as supplies became scarce, infants were simply swung against tree trunks in effort to save ammunition.
To this day the rule of the Khmer Rouge ranks as one of the most brutal eras of genocide in the history of mankind.
Even with the eventual fall of the Khmer Rouge, the nation continued to be mired in warfare. Compounding the problem were the millions of landmines that to this day lay scattered across the nation and one of the highest cambodia 484HIV/AIDS rate in all of Asia. While the atrocities and amounts of suffering during this time period are innumerable, perhaps one of the greatest casualties of this time period was the entire generation of people who were raised with little or no education. Rebuilding their crippled nation after 30 years of brutal warfare, the upcoming generation of Cambodian children possess a tremendous appetite for education and many yearn to help pull their homeland from the depths of poverty that still exist from the capital city to the rural provinces.  While Cambodia still remains  alarmingly poor and shockingly corrupt, it is our hope here at One Degree Forward that the continued education of ambitious Cambodian youth can only help to aid the quest for long lasting peace and prosperity.
What You Can Do to Help:
While the task of attempting to educate the developing third world is daunting, we here at One Degree Forward feel that if we can provide even 1 child with a college education then our mission has been successful.  We are dad orphanage groupcurrently accepting donations of all amounts, no matter how large or small, that will go towards establishing college scholarships and aid for deserving children in Cambodia.  The current tuition at Cambodia’s leading institution, Build Bright University, stands at only $400/year.  If you would like to help give the gift of education to a deserving child in need, please join our growing team of supporters who share our goals of education and progress.
To see a list of current and past recipients of One Degree Forward scholarships please visit our Recipients page for more information.

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