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For many travelers in the watersports world the Cabarete kitesurfing scene is famously known as one of the best in the Caribbean. Thanks to its northerly-facing location and the pattern of Caribbean weather systems, the town of Cabarete has conditions for kitesurfing almost 300 days per year.

More than just the consistency, however, what makes this such a dream destination for kitesurfing is the combination of warm water, playful surf, and a protected lagoon on the inside of the reef which is shallow and perfect for learning.

Even though professional kitesurfers from across the globe will visit the waters of Cabarete, there are numerous kitesurfing schools lining the beach for those looking to pick up a new hobby.

At schools such as Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School, first-timers will begin on the sand and learn to fly the kite before eventually taking to the water. The wind usually picks up during the early afternoon hours and lasts until about 5pm, leaving the morning free for surfing, paddleboaring, or recovering from last night’s hangover.

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