Damajagua Waterfalls

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One strange thing about the Damajagua waterfalls is that it’s mandatory to wear helmets. Growing up in Maui I’m no stranger to waterfalls in the jungle, and this was the first time I’ve ever worn a helmet while jumping through pools and waterfalls.

Nevertheless, since it’s a commercial operation I can see the reason to make sure the clients are safe. It also makes it easy to stand beneath a waterfall such as this one and not worry about rocks falling on your head.

The Damajagua waterfalls are located 30 minutes outside of Puerto Plata, and there are 27 different waterfalls which you jump and swim your way down. You can only visit all 27, however, if you visit independently and trek with a company guide, since anyone who visits as part of a tour group can only visit half of the waterfalls.

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