Dominican Republic Amber

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Like many other travelers of my generation,  I was first introduced to the amber gemstone in the movie Jurassic Park. The amber, of course, is where DNA was famously extracted from mosquitoes which had been stuck in the amber, which then led to the re-creation of towering, femur-eating dinosaurs.

While we didn’t find any velociraptors in the Dominican Republic, we did happen to find a lot of amber. The Dominican Republic amber is regarded as some of the best in the world, and thanks to its natural riches of the semi-precious gem, the northern coastline of the Dominican Republic has gained the moniker of “The Amber Coast.”

While the title has now come to reflect the sunshine, adventure, and recreation opportunities which are available along the country’s northern shoreline, shopping for amber is still a favorite among those who are looking for the precious gemstones.

Here, amber stones are prominently displayed by a beachfront store in Sosua.

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