Punta Cana Parasailing

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Other than lounging in a cabana and soaking yourself in coconut oil, it only takes about three minutes of standing on Bavaro Beach to quickly realize that parasailing is a popular Punta Cana activity.

While I’ve never had the urge to parasail myself, hundreds of visitors take to the skies daily above the blindingly-white sand beaches that line the Punta Cana coastline.

Since I can’t confirm from personal experience, I feel that the best part of Punta Cana parasailing has nothing to do with the thrill of flying, but instead, it seems that the ultimate benefit of the lofty position is the view that stretches the length of the coast.

Here, from this silent vantage point hundreds of feet in the air, the tropical tableau of Caribbean resort life is stretched out beneath your wiggling bare feet.

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