Hulopo’e Beach, Lana’i

Hulopoe Beach

Not only is Hulopo’e Beach the nicest stretch of sand on all of Lana’i, but it was voted as the #1 beach in all of America back in 1997. This is the crown jewel of Lana’i’s numerous beaches, and it’s the only beach found anywhere on the island with facilities such as showers and restrooms.

On the far end of the beach is the Four Seasons Manele Bay hotel, and a pod of spinner dolphins has been known to frequent the bay during various times of the year. The reef at Hulopo’e offers the best snorkeling on Lana’i, and the surf at Hulopo’e ramps up in the summer to provide some of the island’s best waves.

There is a campground at Hulopo’e for those wanting to spend a night, although only locals who are residents of Lana’i are allowed to camp on the shoreline. On the southern end of the beach is a hiking trail that leads to Shark’s Bay and the lookout for Pu’u Pehe, and Hulopo’e Beach is an iconic symbol of the enduring beauty of Lana’i.

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