Ski Holidays With The Kids: Know Before You Go

Skiing with children

When you live in Maui as I do, people always wonder where the locals go to vacation. Why, it seems, would you ever to leave to go anywhere else when you live on the best island in the world?

Granted, I’m obviously someone who travels a lot, but for many island locals, the most popular vacation is going somewhere completely different from sun, sand, water and warmth. Oftentimes this means heading for the mountains, and ski vacations are some of the most popular holidays for vacationing island locals. When you wear a tank top and board shorts all year long, sometimes it feels good to wear a jacket and be cold!

Granted, regardless of where you live, traveling with children is always a bit more challenging, and ski vacations are no exception.

In this guest article, we explore the ways that heading to the mountains with family in tow can be an enjoyable experience instead of a vacation to forget…

Winter holidays with the kids needn’t be stressful. You may be look at skiing brochures and think, “maybe when the kids are older”, but why? Why not now? Children of all ages will thrive on the slopes and will be able to be part of an unforgettable holiday that will be truly magical for all of you. Booking with a reputable ski holiday provider such as Neilson will ensure that you and your family are in the best hands, but there are some things that you should know before you head out to your chosen resort, to ensure that your stay will be a breeze.

If you need any specifics for your children (which you likely will), such as equipment, kindergarten ski schools or childcare, make sure that you book these well in advance rather than waiting until you arrive in the resort. In many cases, particularly with childcare and ski schools, places are limited and it would be a shame to arrive in the resort to disappointment.

Keep an eye out for discounts and family offers too – many resorts provide a child with a free helmet with all equipment hire, while lift passes are often on offer, too.

The flight can be the most stressful time for many families, especially the longer duration ones. If you’re traveling with a baby and you breastfeed, try and time the feeds to coincide with take-off and landing, because it can be a massive help for their ears.

Even though you’re heading for the snow, don’t forget the sunscreen. It’s amazing how easily we can burn on the slopes, and a child’s skin is even more delicate. Take a snowsuit if you’re traveling with a baby too – there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also enjoy the snow, and making snow angels with them is just too cute!

Kids will love to be part of a ski holiday – take advantage of the winter 2013/14 season and book your family break, today.

[Photo Credit: eric.surfdude on Flickr]

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