The Importance Of A Good Bed While Traveling

A comfortable bed in Ireland

Over the course of wandering across 60 countries it’s safe to say I’ve slept in my fair share of beds. Some have been exotic (a bed made of salt while in Bolivia), some have been disgusting (a bed covered in blood…also, in Bolivia), and some have been a little awkard (a 17 year old girl’s bedroom in Nepal. Don’t worry, she wasn’t there).

Then, of course, there have been other occasions where beds weren’t even part of the sleeping equation. Sleeping in hammocks in Costa Rica, on an inflatable raft on the Sea of Cortez, in an abandoned Peruvian nightclub in the jungle, in a the dark recesses of a Korean train station, and on the cold tile floor of the worst hotel in Borneo (I’m looking at you, Sandakan). Through it all, however, I can definitely attest to the reality that the better night sleep you get the better you are going to end up feeling in the following couple of days.

In this sponsored guest post from Bedstar, a UK-based company that sells–you guessed it–beds, they take a moment to point out some of the various sleeping situations you’re bound to find when traveling across the UK (all of which are better than the floor of Stansted Airport or beneath a bush in Hyde Park. Trust me. I know).

Wherever you may wander, there is no place like home. Well, thank goodness for that, because it’s the reason why most folks go traveling in the first place!  However, a good nights sleep is essential for feeling great the following day, and the places you choose to spend the night should be a high priority when planning a long trip.

A bed made of salt in BoliviaDepending on your budget, there are various types of accommodation to choose from, and the majority of countries in Europe offer several types for various budgets.  Here are just a few to consider when planning your European adventure.

Hostels are a cheap and convenient place to spend the night if you are on a backpacking tour of Europe. Most major cities and many towns have hostels available at budget prices. However, prices do vary and are higher in major cities, from an average charge of 20 euros a night in Rome up to 49 euros a night in London. It may be worth your while to look at staying in towns rather than major cities if you want to save yourself a bit of money. In a hostel you will be sharing a room with anywhere between 4 and 8 others, but some have dorms that have even more beds in them, so make sure you check out the ones you are planning to stay at. Cheap and cheerful, hostels are great places for meeting other backpackers, especially if you travel alone. Also check that the hostel has facilities for making your own food, which is much cheaper than eating out for every meal! In a hostel you will get a bed and somewhere to shower, and many also have washing facilities, but these may be at an extra charge. Make sure you pack a decent sleeping bag as some hostels charge extra for bedding.

Camping is great fun, yes, even in Europe! Okay, so the UK may not have the warmest of climates, but there are some great places to stay that are both warm, have electricity and are weather proof. Camping pods, or wigwams as they are sometimes called, are the most recent addition to many beautiful sites in the U.K. These are wooden huts, often with a bed included while some even have fridges and a heater installed. They are dry and all you need is your own sleeping bag. All the sites have showers and many have a shared kitchen area for cooking your own food and doing your laundry with coin operated machines. Have a look as prices vary and this may be a little pricey for the solo traveler, but for a couple they are perfect. Prices start at  £30 per night. Make sure you book in advance though, as pod camping is becoming very popular given the climate!

If you don’t like to plan too far ahead and have not decided exactly where you are going or when you will arrive, take advantage of websites that offer last minute deals.  There are budget hotels and huge discounts for those who like to be spontaneous, and even if you are watching the pennies, every now and then it is just wonderful to spend the night in a comfortable, warm, ready prepared bed!

A bed in Peru

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