The Travel Benefits Of Living In England

As someone who lives in Hawaii and worships sun, surf, and a healthy, outdoor lifestyle, there isn’t a large part of me that needs to live in Great Britain. Sure, parts of the island get good surf (Wales, Thurso, the Outer Hebrides, the Severn River bore, etc.),  and of course there is the occasional sunshine, but on an annual basis as a whole I’m just not sure I could ever live around England full-time. As much as I enjoy a good pint and a shadowy pub, I also enjoy a beer on a beach with the sun on your shoulders and the salt still drying in your hair. For me, this is a great way to live.

The weather and cold aside, however, there is one part of the Hawaii-based me which is deeply envious of those who live in England, and that is the part which loves to travel. Hawaii is the most isolated archipelago on the face of the planet, and we are a five-hour plane flight from literally anywhere. Travel for us out here is an undertaking, and weekend trips are utterly unheard of.

Traditional Painted Fishing Boat, Tenerife

In England, however, the possibilities for weekend getaways or exotic jaunts are a fantastic benefit of the island’s geographic location. Weekend wine tasting in Portugal? Sure! Gran Canaria holidays in the Canary Islands? Why not! It’s all so close. Also, as the British Pound is one of the strongest currencies on the planet, doing things such as embarking on impromptu Fuertaventura holidays or hunting down debauchery in Corfu are cheap and easy alternatives to staying at home and drinking cider in the pub.

Furthermore, England’s travel industry is awash in online booking sites which aid travelers in planning lavish holidays on an affordable and all-inclusive budget. Need an example? How about Direct Line Holidays, an online travel agent that’s been in business since 1993 and relentlessly hunts down deals on everything from skiing in the Alps to tucking into forgotten coves on the island of Mallorca. The large selection of options aside, my favorite part of their site is a feature unlike any I’ve seen on any other travel site. If I actually did live in England, I would be glued to this too any time I had a free 48 hours to spare. It’s the Last Minute Holidays calendar and it couldn’t be more of a flexible traveler’s dream.

For example, you just found out you’ve got a 4-day weekend and you want to get out of town but you don’t know where to go. Head on over to the last minute holidays calendar and the page displays the month in calendar form where each day stipulates which amazing travel destination is going to be a great deal on that day Want to leave on July 19? Why not go to…Tuscany! Wonderful! Tuscany it is!

I mean what a concept, why don’t we have that over here in Hawaii? Oh yeah, probably because it’s in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet. Those last-minute holidays to dive the Red Sea or taste the Traapist beers of Belgium? That’s a novelty and a travel privilege available only to those fortuitously placed English folk. And they get the Olympics. Incredible.

-This post has been made possible by Direct Line Holidays, but all views expressed herein are my own


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