Why Should I Honeymoon in Fiji?

Beach perfect for a Fiji honeymoon

Sure, Fiji has had a rough go of it lately with all of the cyclones and a season of inclement weather, but once the ground dries out and the sun begins to shine once again this South Pacific island nation will return to its status as a global favorite for tropical honeymoons. Read below for a sponsored post from All Fiji that documents a few reasons why Fiji will once again be considered as a top honeymoon destination...

Fiji’s white sand beaches and bungalows overlooking the crystal clear blues waters beckon newly betrothed honeymooners to the area annually. Fiji holidays are among the most luxurious and relaxing in the world and there are numerous all-inclusive honeymoon packages for couples wanting an exotic and tropical honeymoon destination. Fiji caters to romance so couples will feel pampered and relaxed as they explore numerous islands surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. Some features couples may want to consider for their honeymoon retreat include:

1. Complete Privacy.

Honeymooners want time to spend with one another alone. Fiji is comprised of 333 islands. Many islands are completely private. With enough funds, a private island may be secured for honeymoon accommodations. If a private island is not within the budget, there are numerous private all-inclusive packages available at exclusive four and five-star resorts.

Castaway Island is one of the original five-star Fiji resorts situated on 174 acres. Coral reef is present in the surrounding waters, and there are numerous opportunities for snorkeling, parasailing or water skiing. Island exploration is encouraged to help couples build a lasting bond. This beautiful resort may be reached by a short 10 minute flight or by a 1.5 hour catamaran cruise.

Other five-star resorts on Beqa Island or Vatuele Island feature between seven and 18 bungalows on property. On Vatuele Island, there are no televisions, no telephones and no newspapers. This particular resort will not even allow shoes. Complete relaxation and privacy is the ultimate goal for honeymooners.

2. All-Inclusive Packages.

Fiji’s all-inclusive honeymoon packages may offer honeymooners couples massages, champagne, floral arrangements, fruit baskets and other gestures to make the vacation memorable and romantic. Romantic suites also may include complimentary candlelit dinners on the beach or terrace.

Romantic picnics may also be available at select resorts. Meals should be included in the packages for convenience. Complimentary drinks and appetizers may also be included. All-inclusive packages help couples enjoy their honeymoon without worrying about finances.

Many honeymoon resorts can also recommend activities for couples to nurture their marriage with romantic gestures. Walks through romantic parts of the island are often recommended. Many resorts may include complimentary snorkeling equipment, tennis court use and access to catamarans, glass bottom boats, paddle boards and wind surfers.

Admission to on-site parties may also be included. Many resorts may offer discounts, but not complimentary access to snorkeling trips, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing game fishing or banana rides. Some honeymoon packages may even include helicopter trips to give honeymooners a bird’s eye view of the area.

kava cermony during a honeymoon in Fiji

3. Upscale Linens, Toiletries and Friendly Staff.

On a honeymoon, the last thing you want to worry about is the hotel’s cleaning habits or less-than-accommodating staff members. Perform copious research and select a hotel with friendly staff members who understand the meaning of a five-star service and accommodations. The resort should major in pampering and make couples feel special.

4. Sunset Cruises.

Sunset cruises to the numerous islands of Fiji are often enjoyed by guests. Consider scheduling a sunset cruise to fuel some couple’s romance and build long-lasting memories.

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