Window Pictures From A Round The World Flight

2014 was a wild year.

Not only did I take a round the world flight from Hawaii to Africa and back, but I turned back around and flew around the world for a second time in one year. As with my previous post on airplane shots from a flight around the world, here’s a collection of window pictures from circling the entire globe. (Editor’s note: Photo quality is poor. Trying to sneak photos with an iPhone during descent is a tough way to get good pics.)


1. Maui, Hawaii.

1 Maui

2. Moloka’i, Hawaii

1.5 Molokai

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

2 Honolulu

4. Mt. Fuji, Japan

3 Mt Fuji

5. Incheon, South Korea

4 Incheon

6. Bangkok, Thailand

5 Bangkok

7. Dhaka, Bangladesh

6 Dhaka

8. Western Ghats, India

7 Mumbai Hills

9. Mumbai, India

8 Mumbai

10. Sunset Over London, England

Sunset Over London

11. Montana, USA

10 Montana

12. Los Angeles USA

11 Los Angeles

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